Swarovski launches jewelry collection for Spring-Summer 2012

Swarovski has launched its new line for spring/summer 2012, the elegant and glamorous collection tells the story of a young woman who goes from being a student to a star that has to get used to fame and being the center of attention.

This is an awesome line which joins the world of crystals, flowers, gems and iridescent beads. The collection seems to be part of a fascinating musical, colorful and success that unfolds in a dreamlike setting wolves bright and romantic flowers.

Swarovski launches jewelry collection

In the words of Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of the firm, the collection of Swarovski for this season spring summer 2012 tells the story of a woman multifaceted evolving and goes from being a star student who must get used to fame and being the spotlight.

Swarovski launches jewelry collection

The line is displayed on two key issues: the sweet sixties styles represented by ethereal beauty as the Regency necklace with a large purple ribbon reflecting the purple flashes of all crystals and gemstones shaped flowers.

It also highlights the inspiration for the heart-shaped pendant, the color pink, pearl gray, metallic effects in pink designs, and antiques in the form of a bouquet of flowers, among others.

The second issue that was influence for this collection is the center denoted by the designs of the 1960s avant-garde, luxurious and spectacular parts of clean lines with mosaics representing the many roles glamorous, sophisticated and feminine of the time.

This influence is seen in the collar area that offers a contemporary interpretation of retro-futuristic style of this period as well as the sophisticated rings made from cut faceted stones exclusively for Swarovski Spring/Summer 2012.