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Make up yet different as regards, however, swollen eyes

How to make up eyes: Tips to make up tired eyes

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThat depend on a particularly busy evening and a sleepless night, or that appear so regularly for simple shape of the face, the tired eyes give the whole look a bit suffering in the face, and definitely not rested. Fortunately, however, the make up helps disguise, recovering with some changes and a few strokes, a radiant, more important to start your day. It may be a transient problem inherent or its features, but the tired eyes tend to overshadow...

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Kohl pencil back to ancient times, thousands of years the Egyptians mixed a paste of lead sulfide from the mineral Galena crushed for use around the eyes as the typical image of Cleopatra we all know. Today the khol is a powder very black made from only natural ingredients. It is made with antimony and other products such as olive pits and herbs. Its most traditional version is powder within a decorated bottle with an applicator and usually...