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These simple exercises are efficient against cellulite

Exercise to fight cellulite on legs and buttocks

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinWe know that there is no definitive solution to combat cellulite, cosmetic treatments temporarily reduce the appearance of orange peel and make it look smoother. In addition, a healthy diet alone will not help much, you also need exercises specific to eliminate cellulite. Cellulite is not a superficial problem, so that we should not rely on creams that promise to remove the skin so orange, in most cases ineffective and ridiculously expensive. The cellulite is a problem of deep...

collect the make up tips for your men

Make up and cosmetics for Men

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe make up and cosmetics field is no longer bounded for just women, more and more men begin to care for his face, cover imperfections and highlight the best features with cosmetics products. Many start stealing their women and make others dare more and buy the products they need specifically for their type and skin tone. Wanting to look better or hide signs of aging, depends on how well they can take advantage of the products offered by the...

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Kohl pencil back to ancient times, thousands of years the Egyptians mixed a paste of lead sulfide from the mineral Galena crushed for use around the eyes as the typical image of Cleopatra we all know. Today the khol is a powder very black made from only natural ingredients. It is made with antimony and other products such as olive pits and herbs. Its most traditional version is powder within a decorated bottle with an applicator and usually...