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No office outfit is complete without a pencil skirt

Outfits to go to the office

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinArming the outfits to go to the office can be expensive, but you have to spend a fortune because if you know the right choice. In this post I show you some outfits perfect for going to the office which can be renewed with accessories and different shoes to create a new image. Notes! Black Jacket The jacket is a staple for the office and is usually one of the most expensive items, but the good thing is that...

Choose clothes for the first date

How to Choose clothes for the first date

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhen you finally have the opportunity to go and get to know a person that interests you, choosing what to wear on a first date is not a minor issue. Is that clothing is a way to communicate how you are, and as there are many issues surrounding body language, what you wear is part of the same message. The clothes you wear is what will make a first impression, so share some tips for choosing what to wear...