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use an angled brush to smudge the black line you just created

Eyeliner: different ways of delineating

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe eyeliner comes in a range of colors, shapes and textures, and has the ability to totally transform your look and put a great emphasis on your eyes. In this post I show you several ways that you can use the eyeliner, whatever, it all depends on the ability you have to work them. Basic Outlined For this you need a black eyeliner or kohl pencil and sharpener, as well as a liquid eyeliner you should manipulate well. The...

The lenses are a must for many and a hot trend this season so they also serve for the advice

Bobbi Brown Tips For Eye Makeup With Glasses

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIf you have marks, scars, acne, blemishes or other defects in the face no problem to make up, let alone be a face that required 24 hour lens. To achieve this and also highlight the look, Bobbi Brown brings a few tips on how eye makeup without overloading the area. Not all women use (because they do not want, or cannot) contact lenses when you have trouble. The eyeglasses are then always the option and often interfere with the...

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Kohl pencil back to ancient times, thousands of years the Egyptians mixed a paste of lead sulfide from the mineral Galena crushed for use around the eyes as the typical image of Cleopatra we all know. Today the khol is a powder very black made from only natural ingredients. It is made with antimony and other products such as olive pits and herbs. Its most traditional version is powder within a decorated bottle with an applicator and usually...