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The diode laser technology for beauty treatment

The diode laser technology for beauty treatment

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe laser, one of the most important advances of modern medicine, made its triumphal entry into the world of aesthetics to become a powerful tool for the future. The latter is the laser diode, which threatens to end once and for all with unsightly varicose veins and liver spots. Of all the tools that have been built in recent years to the field of aesthetics, the laser takes the cake. Present in all areas of medicine, chair sits in...

Permanent hair straightening advantages and disadvantages

What you do not know about Permanent hair straightening

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAre you tired of spending your energy on ironing your hair every day before going to work? Or when you want to look different hair style at a party? If so, there is a solution: the smoothing of hair definitive. As you can become permanent in a definitive way, you can straighten the hair permanently produce incredible results. The hair will be all day as if you had just ironing hair. What is the permanent hair straightening? This process...