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Methods of hair removal is to switch on your lap or any part of the body you decided to remove the hair

How To Shave With Homemade Waxing

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe hair removal is a practice now widespread ever, not only in women but also for men. It become part of our lives. In market there are lots of products to perform a waxing removal of hair. There are people who prefer not to take an appointment with the beautician, because of lack of time or because she wants to save money, decided to rely on waxing done at home. On the Internet there are many recipes to comfortably...

how to prepare a home waxing depilatory economic

How To Do The Waxing With Lemon And Sugar

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinHair removal: a true rite of beauty of the human body and therefore the same joy and pain of the female and also the male! Why joy? There is no man or woman who does not want to see their skin free of unsightly hair, soft and silky to the touch. Pain because there is no type of hair removal, especially in intimate areas, which does not involve a good deal of patience to it, although of short duration....

Key ideas about male grooming

Key ideas about male grooming

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMales have thrown himself to the cosmetic, a symbol of the new winds blowing around the concept of masculinity. What’s up with that man and the bear, the more ugly, more beautiful. In the early nineties men have begun to care and worry about its aesthetics, an aspect hitherto reserved for the women. Some even go to the institutes of beauty and lend to small interventions to improve their appearance. The cosmetics industry has seen increasing demand for products...