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Make up yet different as regards, however, swollen eyes

How to make up eyes: Tips to make up tired eyes

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThat depend on a particularly busy evening and a sleepless night, or that appear so regularly for simple shape of the face, the tired eyes give the whole look a bit suffering in the face, and definitely not rested. Fortunately, however, the make up helps disguise, recovering with some changes and a few strokes, a radiant, more important to start your day. It may be a transient problem inherent or its features, but the tired eyes tend to overshadow...

Gold Jungle  Dior palette

Golden Jungle, new Dior makeup for fall

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinDior offers us a great fall look, the fashion firm has created for the season of the year line ocher Golden Jungle which is composed by a fabulous cocktail of colors created to get a very sensual and seductive image. It really is one of the most attractive of the season. It’s a wild, wild makeup that focuses on the exotic colors of nature to exalt the beauty of women. Golden Jungle, new Dior makeup for fall Dior Gold...

Benefit reveals latest cosmetics kit in new summer

Benefit reveals latest cosmetics kit in new summer

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinJust enter the spring, but many women already have set the mind in the summer and count the days for their arrival. And with news of makeup as presented by cosmetics brand Benefit, even more! Sun Beam and Cabana Glama are Benefit’s new products for next summer to give a touch of color to your skin. SUN BEAM It is an illuminator for the face in tone gold/bronze gives the skin a light, natural tan. You can apply makeup...