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the advice is to choose the model very feminine, such as sheath dresses or skirts

How To Dress And Makeup To Look Bigger

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinVery often the age is one of the first problems that grips the girls and women. Everything is done, when you reach a certain age, to appear younger than she really is. But many times the woman needs to demonstrate the true years she has, if not even look bigger. In fact appear too young not only produces benefits, or rather, it is an advantage from the aesthetic point of view, but from the point of view of social...

How to shape eyebrow for a good look

How to shape eyebrow for a seductive look

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe shape of the eyebrows of one person can change the look of the whole face. Eyes can frame and shape the look of face. Learn how to properly shave the eyebrows to make yourself attractive. It may be one of the most important lessons for the maintenance of face. The epilation of eyebrows vary depending upon the shape and thickness thereof. The first thing is to design the shape of your eyebrows. To do this, most experts recommend...