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The disadvantage lists of Contouring technique

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMore than one we are delighted with this staining technique and after reading publications and watch video tutorials tried to do it but does not give result. Perhaps by not having the right products or lack of practice, the fact is that although it looks so easy requires large doses of talent to look as perfect as celebrities. There is more than one reason why this may not work and several solutions you also not to be left out...

In social networks, the contour clown has become a trend with the hashtag

Contour clown makeup fashion trend

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe contour clown is an ancient technique of makeup (with new name) and it has become fashionable thanks to the initiative of the Youtuber BellaDeLune and Instagrammer I makeupby_alo. They had the idea of creating a video with this technique then give an impressive step up, starting with a clown face with all the letters. The reason was to send a message to all the people who criticize women who wear makeup with the typical phrase “make themselves up...