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The first technique involves the use of the sponge, used primarily for the foundation liquid or compact

GuidLines On Applying Foundation To Look Sexy

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinEvery woman aspires to be always beautiful and cared for. Sometimes, though, a bad application of good makeup can do damage rather than making you look natural. The product that’s used most often is the foundation that allows you to have a smooth complexion giving the feeling of not even be rigged. The error which often stumbles, however, is not a perfect application of foundation. This guide will show you what are the best ways to spread it out...

the new moisturizer fragrance Eau Océane

Eau Océane: the new moisturizer fragrance

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe cosmetics company Biotherm has just launched her new moisturizer fragrance for the body. This is Eau Océane, a perfume that besides flavor and revitliza also moisturizes the skin with energy and freshness of the ocean. Undoubtedly it is a fragrance ideal for use during the days of heat and cooling and the aroma invites you to experience the sensation of walking through the wet sand on a summer morning. Eau Océane has very fresh notes from flowers, which...