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Key Care for Firm Cheekbones

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIn addition to the dreaded wrinkles, the passage of the years is also felt in the face with other effects. This is the case of the cheekbones that begin to demand definition and firmness, which favors that the factions are disappearing. Stopping this situation is possible as well as resurfacing prominent cheekbones without having to go through the operating room. What is there to do? Here we give you a series of tips to take care of you according...

facial care and simple techniques

Basic facial care and simple techniques

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe face is a key part of your appearance, to be part of such important features as the eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows and it plays an important role in beauty. Likewise, on the contrary, the face is exposed to multiple abuse as makeup, sun, pollution and chemicals, among others. Therefore, it is no wonder that the cosmetics and beauty is enriched with so many different treatments to keep your face beautiful, young and healthy. However, fortunately, there is...

Key ideas about male grooming

Key ideas about male grooming

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMales have thrown himself to the cosmetic, a symbol of the new winds blowing around the concept of masculinity. What’s up with that man and the bear, the more ugly, more beautiful. In the early nineties men have begun to care and worry about its aesthetics, an aspect hitherto reserved for the women. Some even go to the institutes of beauty and lend to small interventions to improve their appearance. The cosmetics industry has seen increasing demand for products...