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make relationship good in first impression

Tips to make relationship good in first impression

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhile you know that you should not judge a book by its cover, in human relations is not so easy to follow that premise, because the first time you see a person, not even begin to talk of how to draw conclusions based on their appearance. You do not need to be dressed up all day to make a good first impression, as experts have found that there are certain focal points in an unconscious way you look and...

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The Fashion and trends for hats

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe hats are accessories that complete luxury and make your own style. In addition to being glamorous, it can be combined perfectly with your clothing to give the final touch. Many celebrities are already embracing the fashion of hats and no wonder: wear hats is a very strong trend this season. By day by night, hot or cold, choose well and you also join the fashion for hats.     What types of hats you wear? The Borsalino, which...