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Cosmetic products According to this definition, they can not be considered as cosmetic products: fillers, as injected under the skin and not applied to the body surface Top Seductive Perfumes for Women

Best smelling perfume: Unresolved doubts about cologne

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinYou probably have a thousand questions about the perfume. Perhaps you have ever wondered what the difference between a perfume or cologne or why the same perfume smells differently in each person. The truth is that best smelling perfume are one of the most useful weapons to a woman to seduce. You may forget a face, but never an odor. So in the following article Sexy Beauty, we solve some doubts about the perfumes. Let’s start apply ourselves perfume....

Someday the new perfume by Justin Bieber and in Latin America

Someday, the new perfume by Justin Bieber and in Latin America

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinJustin Bieber always thinks of his fans and now gives them another little piece of his world with “Someday“, the new fragrance which the young artist has created with Honorine Blanc perfume house Firmenich. According to Bieber’s own words the scent of a woman is crucial and their fans wear a perfume that he likes is a way of sharing their world.  “Let’s face it… the way a girl smells is very important for a boy! I have such...