• the most economical and expeditious ways to shave your legs are the electric epilator and shaving with blades
    Hair Removal

    How to shave your legs

    There are several ways to shave your legs, surely the most economical and expeditious are the electric epilator and shaving with blades. Then there are those a bit more challenging or the waxing both cold and hot. Then you switch to the professional ones such as permanent hair removal. In this guide, we discusses how do you shave your legs. You need: Hot wax Razor blade Electric epilator If you want to keep costs under control, then you have to rely on the use of a razor blade. Remember that to get a good result you should remove hairs after a shower, when the skin pores are still open. Unfortunately,…

  • Methods of hair removal is to switch on your lap or any part of the body you decided to remove the hair
    Hair Removal

    How To Shave With Homemade Waxing

    The hair removal is a practice now widespread ever, not only in women but also for men. It become part of our lives. In market there are lots of products to perform a waxing removal of hair. There are people who prefer not to take an appointment with the beautician, because of lack of time or because she wants to save money, decided to rely on waxing done at home. On the Internet there are many recipes to comfortably prepare a waxing at home, using only natural and economic products, which are not lacking in your kitchen. Elements needed for homemade waxing honey water sugar lemon juice wooden or metal spatula…