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The emergency makeup kit comes complete with lipstick or gloss, a makeup sponge


Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinIn this opportunity I bring you an ideal makeup routine for daily use, perfect for that tendency of face washed or makeup to the naked, is a natural makeup, ideal for women who do not like to be very overloaded with artificial makeup. For many, beauty and naturalness go hand in hand. And so in this article, I propose a look of natural makeup and perfect for day to day with which you achieve a radiant skin tone and...

This spray you can use for the face as well to moisten the makeup brushes

Homemade recipe for face moisturizing spray

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinFor dry skin, use a power spray on makeup hydration is essential. Although you can get many varieties of this product on the market, all have the same ingredients as homemade. In this post I show how to spray moisturizer that also helps you keep the makeup for much longer without the skin look tight or wrinkled. Materials needed A spray bottle with empty and clean A spoon 3 tablespoons of purified water or used bottled water, distilled or...