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the advice is to choose the model very feminine, such as sheath dresses or skirts

How To Dress And Makeup To Look Bigger

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinVery often the age is one of the first problems that grips the girls and women. Everything is done, when you reach a certain age, to appear younger than she really is. But many times the woman needs to demonstrate the true years she has, if not even look bigger. In fact appear too young not only produces benefits, or rather, it is an advantage from the aesthetic point of view, but from the point of view of social...

The prime example of this trend was undoubtedly the Africa Fashion Week

Tribal and ethnic style is imposed on accessories and outfits

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAs happened in the past year, this 2013 re-dye the color and intensity of the trend tribal and ethnic for both days of heat to the coldest. The bright colors of tropical forests, natural materials, handmade fabrics and prints in various ranges of bright colors combined with brown, earth, beige and orange become the protagonists of women’s wardrobes more fashionistas. Geographical barriers are broken and cultures mixed, achieving a unique combination of styles from different continents and flooding the...

Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinOwner of a beauty erotic and lush, French Bardott Brigitte became one of the most desirable women in the 50’s, 60 and 70. Her figure of angelic-faced teenager, a mixture of innocence and femme fatale, marked a very important time of the film. She starred in several films that were filmed at the peak of world cinema and even managed to record several albums as “bad boy” or “Best of BB”. Her most famous films: The ’71 oil Women...