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To cover the belly

Learn How To Find The Right Blouses For Your Body Shape

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThinking for a blouse for every body shape. Yes, blouses are flattering outfits for certain curves, with cuts that help hide flaws and highlight strengths. If you want to find the perfect blouse to wear for great look this post will be helpful because it explains very well what you should seek to look really fabulous. The blouses are a staple but finding one that fits well to your curves can be difficult. So pay attention to these fashion...

Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

Brigitte Bardot: unforgettable beauty and Fashion icon

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinOwner of a beauty erotic and lush, French Bardott Brigitte became one of the most desirable women in the 50’s, 60 and 70. Her figure of angelic-faced teenager, a mixture of innocence and femme fatale, marked a very important time of the film. She starred in several films that were filmed at the peak of world cinema and even managed to record several albums as “bad boy” or “Best of BB”. Her most famous films: The ’71 oil Women...