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The hair will grow back when the illness has ended or the therapy is finished

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinA problem affecting a large number of women is the progressive hair loss in large numbers sometimes reaching in some areas produce bald head. There are many factors that can cause this massive drop and treatments in each case will be different. In this note we present all the factors that may be causing your hair is no longer the same as always. The scalp has about 100,000 hairs, of which every day will lose at least about 100...

Tips to prevent hair loss in women

Tips to prevent hair loss in women

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinHair loss can occurs due to hormonal causes as well as mistreatment of hair and unhealthy lifestyles. Fortunately it is possible to avoid losing hair, but you need to make a change in your regular routine and provide the necessary care. Tips to prevent hair loss: Use specific products: washing your hair with shampoo and rinse with nettle or products that prevent hair loss, as when applying tonics or lotions. Wash your hair properly: it is a myth that...