The 6 best habits before going to sleep

Classical music or New Age calm the mind and relax the body

Prepare your body and your mind for a restful night’s sleep is not something you can leave to chance. It’s important. Follow the same routine day after day, night, offers you the best opportunity to deal with hours of pure sleep.

That’s why follow the customs before you go to sleep is essential. Discover together the small steps you can take before going to bed, the bottom of the article to find out which remedy which I prefer and use more readily.

Classical music or New Age calm the mind and relax the body
There are 6 best habits before going to sleep:-

1. Drink cherry juice

You already know that there are some drinks that are best avoided in the evening, such as coffee and soft drinks, but did you know that there are others who can give you a relaxing and allow you to fall asleep more easily.
The cherry juice is one of these and it is very useful even if you’re among the many people who suffer from insomnia .
It’s one of the good habits before going to sleep . It is ideal to relax and say that to your body that the day is over and it’s finally arrived the sacred time of rest. Cherries are rich in melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep.
A glass an hour before going to bed works wonders and the tea is another option to consider: provides the same dose of relaxation as a tea, but without caffeine and theine.
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2. Wearing something comfortable

The choice of pajamas is essential and makes it one of the healthy habits before going to sleep .
Experiment with different options according to your personal preferences and the time of year. In summer, wearing pajamas of cotton, comfortable and breathable. In winter, try the flannel that will give you a warm and cozy garment.
Make sure to choose a comfortable clothing and you do not shrink, will help you feel better and sleep well at night. Wear your pajamas is also a way to activate the hormones of sleep and begin to make a habit of going to bed as soon as you hear him.

3. Make a little light stretching

The evening is certainly not the time for an extreme exercise, but a little stretching can help you fall asleep faster without feeling the aches and pains of daily toils.
Rarely do you prepare for a night of rest, but it’s a good idea to stretch the muscles and tendons before putting them on stand-by for eight hours.
Take a few minutes to relax your body. Free your mind and meditate. Think of the day you just lived to give positive momentum before you lie down on the bed.

Stretching in the evening prevents you from waking up with stiff muscles and limbs. No matter what your lifestyle: if you spend your days sitting at a desk in front of an office or if you move throughout the day, stretching helps to put your body back into balance and prepare for sleep.

The next morning you will feel better and definitely more load!
They are very helpful also the meditation exercises … you can find it simple even for beginners in this article .

4. Set the right temperature

Waking up in the middle of the night because you feel too hot or too cold is an abrupt and annoying way to break the cycle of sleep and it risentirai the next day.
Keep in mind that the body temperature drops during sleep, so you feel warm even at the beginning it is likely that during the night you’ll feel cooler.
Prepare a blanket to keep on hand, so to warm up without having to get out of bed and change the sheets according to the season: in winter and cool and thick read during the summer.
Maintain a certain kind of comfort at night is essential. In the morning you’ll wake up more refreshed!

5. Read something that makes you feel good

Read activate your imagination in a positive way. A page or even a paragraph makes you feel good and is one of the best habits before going to sleep . Why is that? It stimulates the imagination, gives you emotions and allows you to drift into sleep. Do you remember the fairy tales that you told your children before putting them to bed? Here is the same function!

Read one hour per night and choose what you like, that is not too heavy and full-bodied.
Just like your body, your mind needs to be nourished every day. It is not necessary to read something new, but more something that you send a smile and give you the right frame of mind to relax and then fall asleep.

6. Listen to relaxing music

Classical music or New Age calm the mind and relax the body. Instead of listening to something inspiring or that might, however, make you come the headaches , thrown out of pop music, preferably instrumental. There are many, even melodies created specifically to help you sleep.
Have you ever tried to use the music and breathing combined to relax?
I personally very much I relax by listening to music rdi a certain type, with which I can easily meditate or simply find my moment of peace and relaxation.
You can download a free track of those listening here in a free and safe .
Make up your mind in a state conducive to sleep is a matter of taking the habit before going to sleep , and you which of these rituals do you use? Share them with us!