The look of super stars in the new color of AVON

Have you seen the new color of hair Fergie? It is part of the line of Avon Color Superstar. Its election is the tone 9.0, a very light blonde with golden touches that makes it look very elegant.
This new professional color brand is designed for all women who know that a good hair color is key to feeling beautiful and confident themselves. At least 8 of every 10 women dye their hair both to express their mood to get out of the routine.

The look of super stars in the new color of AVON

According to experts in Avon image, the color of hair of a woman says much more than a simple tone, is a reflection of his personality. As Fergie, the singer of Black Eyed Peas who chose to wear this season a very sweet tone but daring and irreverent at the same time, leaving aside the brown color that characterized their comiezos.

This new product from hair color incorporates the technology Lock In, which enhances the beauty of the hair before, during and after dyeing.

Before: revitalizes and hair care. The repairs to absorb color perfectly while protecting it for the color.
During: the color is perfect, the application does a fabulous color and very long-term heating. It also covers 100% gray hair.
After: at this stage of treatment renews the vitality of the hair with Shea butter. The Lock In technology seals the color and brightness to the hair stays healthy and radiant as the first day.

It comes in 25 shades with extra long-lasting results. You can choose from 9 blond, 7 red, 7 other brown and 2 black. The latter features a concentration doubles that of other brands to give a more intense color that wear out.

Try the color before buying
If you are not very sure how it will be a new color in your hair, then Avon offers you a useful tool, “the virtual colorful”.
A good tool to decide which is the color and you’ll see this season to look as glamorous as the stars.