Can not use shampoo? How to solve hair oiliness?

Many of us have the disadvantage of having oily scalp. The day after the wash and it becomes oily and again we must resort to washing. In general the problem does not end there because as you constantly remove excess oiliness noticed the tips of the hair drier and more frizz.

Changing hair hygiene replacing the shampoo may be the solution of the problem.

A few years ago started the movement “no poo” that promotes not use shampoo or conditioner for hair washing. Those carrying out the practice say that the first three weeks without shampoo is the worst stage, the most uncomfortable because the excess oil reaches its summit. After this time begins to decrease and the sixth week secretions are normalized.

Do not use shampoo the tendency that can solve hair oiliness

The reason for this process is that the shampoo to constantly flushed with natural moisturizing the scalp, this is how the body compensates by secreting more and more bait to equate lack.

At this point your question is probably: So how and how I wash my hair ?
The best option that has been found to wash hair is:

1- Wash with lukewarm water.
2- hair Viértete in a jar of water and two tablespoons of baking soda
3- Prepare in the same jug water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water your hair
4- Rinse with water

To perform the procedure every two days is enough, meanwhile you can wash with water only.
They users of the trend after passing the stage of greasy and smelly hair hair normalizes fully at 6 months, becomes strong, silky and shiny . It eliminates frizz and you contribute to the health of the planet step as to synthesize shampoo palm oil is used, which results in thousands of cuttings per year.