Things to keep in mind with hair curlers

Things to keep in mind with hair curlers

The bad thing is that women are never going to be satisfied with the type of hair you have, and if someone has straight hair she would want it curly, if curly she will want all day smoothing hair. So the hair irons and tongs have become an undisputed ally for women today. In this post we will focus on curling hair. The curlers can be found in any stores or department stores.

Things to keep in mind with hair curlers

As the plates, there are countless varieties of models and hair curlers. The classification is basically they do the models you get at supermarkets or department stores. The material is the same with which the plates are made, the most important thing that determines the final look is the diameter of the curling.

Diameter of the hair curling

Curling of 1/2 inch
The half-inch curling rollers generate marked super thin. They are ideal for having the hair short and just want a spiral.

Tongs 1 inch
The most versatile of the three and works for long to short hair. Also, allows from spiral waves to slightly wavy. This was the first curling iron that I bought and I did very well. The only problem was the amount of hair I have, I did take almost two hours!

Curling of 1 1/2 inch
This curling, by far, is my favorite of the three. With this diameter curling get the beautiful waves we see on the runways. The results are better with long hair.

Correct use of curling irons and hair
Choose grilled or tongs right is the first step. The second step, which might be the most important, is to follow the correct procedure. For more containing ions and are ceramic, these instruments are generated eventually damage our hair. The tips tend to break more easily with constant use, and the hair may be clarified medium or a whole tone.