The 10 commandments to buy in the sales

Tips to buy in the sales

The sales, so longed for the savings they suppose, but sometimes it can be a double-edged sword. Although it should be a time to buy seasonal products at a lower price, this is not always the case. To take advantage of the rebates and save money it is better to keep following tips in mind.

1- Make a list with all your essentials before starting the sale: What you really need and what is just a whim. By differentiating it, you can decide whether to buy it or not.

2- Invest in ground closet: This is your time to acquire a quality wardrobe. Take advantage of the discounts to buy the pieces that you will not take away all year round . Those are good shopping! You will not regret.

Tips  to buy in the sales

3- Avoid anxiety: Reduced prices can make you a little anxious to buy and buy. Think well if it’s something you really want to buy or you’ll end up spending a lot of money (it’s no use being a sale).

4- Be clear that you like: If you doubt, do not buy it. If in the background you know that it will end up in a corner of your closet with just a couple of sets, do not buy it. You do not like it, you just want to buy it in the sales.

5- Go comfortable: Just like when you travel in the plane you wear comfortable clothes to endure the whole trip, the same thing happens in discounts. Forget the heels and wear flat shoes. Also, if you need to try everything you buy, wear clothes that you can remove fast, you will save time.

6- Set a budget: Concrete how much money is the maximum you want to spend in advance. You will find many things that you like but having a set cap, you can sieve what you really want to have in your closet.
Budget rebates

7- Do not use testers: It’s a tip but you decide. In rebates huge queues form in the testers. If you like something and you think it could fit you well, buy it and try it at home . What is the worst that can happen? What do not you like? You get it back and no problem.

8- Schedule: There are always certain hours with less influx of people. Take advantage of those moments to go on sale. You will buy with more tranquility and without that unpleasant overwhelm of people.

9- The Internet is your ally: To save time in the store, you can choose what products you like from the webs, to go directly to them. Another advantage is that you can save all those people in the sales and buy online. If then it is not what you expected, you return it.

10- Yes to the rebates, not to the new collection: If you go for rebates, focus on them. We know that the order of the new collection appeals to you, but you must concentrate on your purpose. Look for bargains!