Tips for makeup in the car

How To Do Your Makeup In The Car

Women tend to always be just in time, and that is why we commonly make up on in the car. In this post I give you some tips so you can apply makeup in a few minutes with the light conditions of the car, which are not the best but you can always get something.

We also give recommendations to make when trying to fix when you go companion in a moving vehicle, useful tricks that serve to avoid making blunders.

How To Do Your Makeup In The Car


When you maquillas in the parked car, you can use some additional mirrors for more angles. Make sure you have adequate makeup products, and that have embedded mirrors and lower risk of stroke.

Mirrors are also very important if you are making up on the bus, subway or train, so they must be on hand in the make-up bag.

The foundation

Ideally, put the base at home before leaving, it only takes a few seconds. But if it has not been possible in this case it is necessary to have a product that is of medium coverage with a BB cream color, so you do not notice whether there are errors.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is in motion, it’s best to apply a powder foundation, this decreases the risk of errors and the time of accidental spills of liquid foundation.

The corrector

If you have something specific knowledge that correct on your face (as an ugly and prominent grain), it is better you do at home. But if it was not possible, there are still chances of improving it in the car.

Note that the correction should not be applied to the dust, but in extreme cases, you might try a little under the dust and slightly above the mark if it looks.

If you have forgotten concealer, use a little basic, but uses the product remaining in the jar lid because being drier has a coarser texture makes it a good replacement checker.

Eye makeup pencil

One of the best makeup tips for use in the car is the eye shadow pencil. It is easy to apply and can be easily mixed with the little finger for a perfect finish.

Eyeliner pencil should also be in when your makeup in a moving vehicle, but you can opt for gel or liquid, but only if you use them with the parked car.

lip liner

Before applying lipstick, you can use a little light on the lips for better color corrector resistance.
However, you can easily replace this step with a little dust. Apply on the lips before maquillarlos.