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Tips for taking care of your baby’s skin: Techniques and products reference

The moments before delivery are full of excitement, joy and many nerves. You will be attentive to the sensations of your body, to have the clothes and the crib ready, and to have bought enough diapers. But after birth, your work as a mom will multiply. There are tons of things to pay attention to when holding your baby. Her diet, her sleep, her movements and her skin. Babies’ skin is precisely one of its most delicate aspects. To take care of it, you have the option of including natural cosmetic products in your daily routines that will be entirely useful to you.

The softness and particular aroma of babies’ skin is one of the things that most captivates parents. This is a very delicate aspect, as babies often develop irritations or rashes easily . The skin is the largest organ in the body, and although your baby’s skin seems so fragile, the reality is that it is also strong. However, it is perfectly normal for newborns to have some blemishes on their skin. The fact that in the areas of the wrists, knees and feet, your baby’s skin becomes red and flaky, is totally normal.

Pediatric studies state that the use of sunscreen for babies is not necessary or recommended

If you have just discovered the fantastic universe of motherhood, or if you already have several children, you will know that it is a mobilizing and exciting experience. Feeding your child, watching him grow and giving him all your care, will be a stage that you will keep deeply in your heart. In this desire to give the best to your newborn, it is important that you nourish yourself with the best techniques and products that will help you give the best care for your baby’s skin.

There are products made from completely natural ingredients, which will protect your baby’s delicate skin without causing irritation or allergies. From the creams to hydrate your baby’s whole body, or those that are exclusive for the irritation caused by the diaper; to options of shampoo or bath creams, which take care of your new hair, your scalp and all your skin. They are options that guarantee that the best of nature will be at the service of caring for your child. Join us to know the best tips for caring for your baby’s skin.

Tips to take care of your baby’s skin


Moisturizing your baby’s skin is essential, especially if you see that in some areas of his body it begins to flake or become red. The ideal is that you bet on totally natural products and preferably without strong fragrances. Chemical agents could cause irritation, so opting for natural creams will guarantee the best option for your baby. It is also recommended that, once you select a product, you keep it. Adapting to different ingredients could cause some allergic reactions.

Sun protection (sunscreen for babies)

You would be surprised to know that a baby can get sunburned in just ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure. Remember to always avoid exposing your delicate skin to direct rays. For this, it will be useful to take care of your clothing. There are clothing options with sun protection that protect the baby’s skin well. On hot days, you can dress him in lighter clothing, made of fabrics like cotton. Remember to make sure their arms and legs are covered, at least during their first weeks of life.

Other precautions in this regard, recommend not going out with your baby in the hours when the sun’s rays are most harmful. Especially between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon . Pediatric studies state that the use of sunscreen for babies is not necessary or recommended . This is due to the fact that your skin is more delicate and permeable to chemical substances, so side effects could be generated.

There is a guide from “Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”Should you put sunscreen on babies?

products made from completely natural ingredients, which will protect your baby's delicate skin without causing irritation or allergies

Nail clipper or baby nail scissors

Your baby’s nails are very thin, sharp, and grow very fast. If you are not careful, your baby could hurt himself with them, generating scratches on his face or body . It is recommended that you are attentive to their growth, and trim them frequently. It is usually necessary to do it up to twice a week. To keep your nails short, it is advisable to use a nail clipper or baby nail scissors. It may be easier for you to do this when your baby is asleep, so you have better control over the process.

There are many tips for new mothers that will help you walk the path of motherhood, taking advantage of and enjoying each stage in your baby’s life. Their skin will be one of the most delicate aspects that you will have to pay attention to, especially in their first weeks of life. As your baby grows, your entire body becomes stronger, and this also includes her delicate and smooth skin. The experience of motherhood is full of the most beautiful experiences and adventures.

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