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Tips to choose the cream blushes that most suits you

The rouge or blush is a product that can not miss on the vanity of every woman. And with just one touch and changes the rest of the face and brings much more light and vitality to the face. For this effect to occur, it is necessary to choose the ideal tone and which favors every woman. If you do not know what your color is, here we give you some keys so that you know how to choose it based not only on the tonality, but also on its texture.

blush or blush can be found with different textures through different brands


The women who have the skin and the color of light hair are more favored with a blusher in pink color because it brings more candidness and luminosity.

On the contrary, those who have skin darker and dark hair, they feel better tones peach having a luminous finish.

However, there are some exceptions to this basic rule . For example, if you want to highlight the blue color of the eyes , regardless of the tone of the hair and the skin, it is better to opt for a strawberry- colored blush .

In addition, the blushes that have an agranized or cherry cherry base highlight the eyes that are green, regardless of the skin tone and the color of the hair.


Today, blush or blush can be found with different textures through different brands. It is important to choose the texture well not only for the finish, but also for the type of skin you have.

In this case, when you have mixed or oily skin , it is better to opt for powder blushes while, if you tend to have a very dry skin or dry out for example during the winter, it is preferable to bet on cream blushes. because they bring more comfort and splendor.

This texture, that is cream , is also the most indicated when you have a mature skin because you get a much more flattering and youthful effect.

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