How to make up eyes: Tips to make up tired eyes

Make up yet different as regards, however, swollen eyes

That depend on a particularly busy evening and a sleepless night, or that appear so regularly for simple shape of the face, the tired eyes give the whole look a bit suffering in the face, and definitely not rested. Fortunately, however, the make up helps disguise, recovering with some changes and a few strokes, a radiant, more important to start your day.

It may be a transient problem inherent or its features, but the tired eyes tend to overshadow the entire face: dark circles, bags and puffy eyes give the whole face and the eyes look unhealthy, and it is for this reason that sufferers frequently try to implement all the tips and tricks that will better hide the signs.

The trick morning, in fact, to hide, or at least alleviate, these blemishes, whether you choose to use ad hoc products, whether you decide to make use of simple make up, which is still a great help in these cases.

Make up yet different as regards, however, swollen eyes

As, for example, just the unsightly dark circles: for this type of problem are roll – on different brands, helping the microcirculation, tend to reduce or even solve the problem, with applications in the morning and evening but if the problem is only occasionally and you want to work only with make up, just buy a good concealer.

The concealer is a cream colored with different shades that lies directly under the eyes, in perfect correspondence of circles, to hide, mask with a nuance that the uniform with the rest of the face. In this case, it is essential to carefully select the key, since the shades of color between ivory and beige too light are likely to worsen the situation. According to your complexion, choose shades of orange and green, which help to better hide the ugly alone, being careful not to go out with the spelling out of the zone circles. Similarly, the correction must never be covered with foundation that completely negate the effectiveness, or, even worse, achieved a third nuance that would only draw attention directly on the areas that must be hidden instead.

As for the problem of bags under the eyes, the solution is different: the bags are bumps under the orbits due to water retention. Unlike with dark circles, in this case, you should pass on to the correction of the foundation shades you normally use. If the bags are particularly noticeable, you can add a touch of blush at the time of brushing.

Both for the bags for dark circles, try to also pay attention to make up eyes: in both cases, in fact, should be avoided dark colors, which, taken together, tend to worsen the situation. Makeup, in fact, as performed with good products, can risk fall, melting a bit under the eyes, and this, for a face suffers from dark circles or bags, will have an even worse.

Better then concentrate on a very light makeup, maybe pink: the pink curtains make it look more rested, especially if accompanied by a pencil emerald green applied in lower eyelid. They are colors that help to minimize the effect of imperfections on the face of fatigue.

Make up yet different as regards, however, swollen eyes: his eyelids are raised, and the entire face it is heavily penalized. In this case, before the make up you can make use of special masks for purchase both in pharmacies and supermarkets.

It usually masks that should be left in the freezer for ten minutes, then apply it on the eyes to make its astringent the cold, which tends to deflate the eyelids. But if time is not there and you want to solve the problem directly with the make up, you need to pay attention to the colors you choose for eye shadows and pencils.

In this case, since the eyelids already swollen bright colors should be avoided, which tend to increase the volume. Same thing goes for the iridescent eye shadow, because the glosses gives a more turgid, and worsen the situation.

The best trick is instead a flesh-colored pencil lying on the upper and lower eyelid, followed by a matte gray eyeshadow, not too dark but not pearl, lying on the upper eyelid. With a darker eye shadow just can fade out and, if the eyebrows is not swollen and permits, apply an eyeshadow iridescent clear or only just below the eyebrow, to draw attention to an area of the eye does not swell and get help optical illusion.