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Tips to moisturize lips in winter

In winter, the skin suffers from dryness due to low temperatures to which we are exposed, on the other hand we keep our warm and comfortable but also more dry due to the heat. With all this environmental influence the delicate skin of the lips is one of the regions that suffer most from dryness, cracking and even injuring reaches.

Facial moisturizers can also be used effectively on the lips

  1. To always keep well hydrated and beautiful lips is important to have specific products.
  2. The lip balm is a relatively new product, but excellent long-acting moisturizing.
  3. Those who prefer the good old cocoa butter, should always have a bar on hand to apply several times a day.
  4. To keep lips hydrated in winter is also important not to bite the lips, because then dried further. When you feel the taut skin hydrated with the products listed instead moisten with saliva.
  5. If you are female lipstick color creamy texture can also get you out of trouble.
  6. It is important that you use creams and moisturizing lip balm whenever you leave home or when you feel necessary. Facial moisturizers can also be used effectively on the lips.

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