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Heat shock treatment to eliminate cellulite

The thermal shock is a cosmetic treatment that helps fight localized fat and cellulite. It consists of two processes, one is the application of a thermo cream, which raises the temperature in the treatment area, and then employs a cryogenic gel that gives much cold, hence the “thermal shock”.

The thermo cream contains principles that enhance the body contour and reduce cellulite with the progressive use. This product promotes the reduction of edema and the signs of cellulite (edema, Resume or skin orange) while stimulating the elimination of toxins that promote the formation of this cosmetic problem.

Stimulates the blood circulation and, consequently, greatly improves the supporting tissues, resulting in further increased skin tightening and removing sagging.

The cryogen gel has a cooling effect, which obviously gives a feeling of intense cold in the area where it is applied, this causes the body to activate the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins.

It is a product that usually contains algae, grape extract, polyphenols, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, hedrera helix, gotu kola, etc.. These active principles have antioxidant properties of cellular metabolism and reactivating are lipolytic.

What is sought with this treatment generate adipocytes vasodilation to dissolve and eliminate toxins

How is the heat shock

First of all you have to clean the area to be treated with a cleansing milk and then exfoliate the skin. You can also make circular movements with a dry towel to reactivate the blood circulation in the area.

Apply the cream and cover with thermo plastic wrap. Ideally, leave the product for 30 minutes, but if you can not stand, remove after 15 minutes with water to remove all traces of cream.

The second step involves the cryogenic gel. Once you have the area clean, apply and cryogenic gel generously, cover again with another plastic wrap and let stand as long as possible.

This gel does not need to rinse it, but if the area you have been too red, remove it and apply a mask decongestant.

What is sought with this treatment generate adipocytes vasodilation to dissolve and eliminate toxins, and after vasoconstriction in addition to reducing, helps to shape and control the sagging that comes after a reduction.

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