Wedding makeup tips to see slim

wedding makeup to last all day and endure the crying

The makeup of the wedding is usually very simple and neutral, but this does not mean they do not represent hard work and dedication, quite the contrary it has to be perfect for this big day.

The wedding makeup to last all day and endure the crying, hugging, kissing, eating and dancing. The mask must be resistant to water, lipstick and kisses, the long-term basis and ultra strong eye makeup.

wedding makeup to last all day and endure the crying

The key is that the makeup highlights the best features but do not over because sometimes less is more.
If you have a makeup done by a professional artist, be sure to let it clear that’s what you want.
Never forget to dress up the neckline if the dress shows, a small amount of sheen gives the finishing touch to your look.

Remember that some concealers powders in the photos look different because they reflect light differently. If possible check the make-up with photos before the big day and make sure that the base leg reaches to the neck not be the face of a very different tone from the rest of your body.

If you are doing facials, make sure culminarlos several days before the wedding day as the skin may be irritated sometimes for a while after treatments.
Tweeze your eyebrows, give color and shape before the wedding day, never on the same date.
Try to stay calm because stress can cause skin impurities. In case you have some impurities because it can hurt you touch them or worsen the appearance of the skin.

Interesting tips on wedding makeup

Prebase make-up: this does fill the pores and skin look much smoother, also allow the makeup lasts more time.
Correction: they conceal imperfections

  • Green neutralises the redness (rosacea, acne, etc.)
  • Yellow neutralizes the blue (dark)
  • Lavender neutralizes yellow

Bases: choose which is more akin to the tone of your skin, and provided that try to do it in natural light and artificial light
A translucent powder preferably used for sealing.
Blush: for not seeing you too pale use a subtle blush on the cheeks, a universal flattering tone is a pink color.
Mask tab: use a waterproof mascara and this does not always have to be black, Brown is also a good option.
Eyelashes: a way to highlight the eyes without using too much makeup are artificial eyelashes, the ideals are the elaborate with natural hair.
Lips: choose a lasting lip color and the liner has to be of the same tone that the bar of lips, this it must apply before the lip and on the mouth to increase its duration.