What hair color should I wear? Find Your Perfect Shade

Global Hair Color Market Analysis 2015 natural hair color

This season takes several shades of hair, as well as new techniques that have appeared such as the contouring. However, not all hair colors are suitable for cutting or hair. What is the best bet? Here you have all the keys.

Color and cut

One of the major trends this season is the colored bronde. It is a very flattering tone generally those that are brown and is very suitable for those who do not want to be slaves of the wicks and dyes and having to go to two of three to the salon to make adjustments. A tone that is particularly suitable for manes. The best bet is the long hair style 70s and a XXL hair to which we must give some light waves.

 Global Hair Color Market Analysis 2015 natural hair color

At one end side of the palette is the Nordic blond , which is another key trends this season. This shade is suitable for the more daring girls, being very flattering if you have candy or want to have a very different look and groundbreaking features. The ideal hair cut for these cases is the pixie or midi hair , having to flee the long hair now is not fashionable with this color.

In the case of hair colors are intense , for example, to cover gray hair, but the hair loses shine, a good option is the long bob or the long hair . In addition, it can range from not carry or bangs.

Finally, there is the contouring . This technique as applied makeup and now comes to hair, it is ideal for those not looking for a change of hair color, but only a certain luminosity. And, what cut goes well? The answer is simple: with all those who are more classic and wear layers for added movement to the hair.