Which Is better to run outside or inside?

Therefore running indoors has its advantages as I do outdoors

We often wonder if running is a healthy activity , and more than once we told you that walking has even greater benefits than jogging . But today we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of running outdoors or indoors do, whether in machines gym or covered courts as discussed below.

Hitting the pavement with our feet turns out to be one of the most damaging to the joints of the lower body activities . It is also an exercise that many people finds it tedious, leaving them exhausted and stripped of what a fitness routine often means for many / as.
Therefore running indoors has its advantages as I do outdoors
Dean Lurie, a certified athletic trainer in Toronto, says that often people do not achieve their optimal level of functioning , as they are experiencing discomfort and / or boredom. These problems may result from stress on joints or overwork the body. All their symptoms often occur when people are susceptible to changes in the environment where they are doing the activity . Therefore it is crucial to find the runtime environment that suits each.

Running outdoors

People who enjoy running outdoors find that there are plenty of visual variety as the landscape is constantly changing and this distracts them and keeps them motivated to continue his career. The fresh air of the countryside, the coast and the polluted city are some of the spaces that we take the time to train outdoors during the week . But everything has its pros and cons:


  • The changing landscape distracted , helping the rider to complete his training.
  • The land is variable . The intensity of brokers vary depending on the land on which we are training. Not the same run on the beach sand asphalt or grass.
  • The resistance against wind forces a runner to run longer and harder.
  • The movement of the corridor is not limited by anything , so lets move joints as we please by helping the body to move more and burn more calories.
  • Running on a uneven surface forces the central nervous system to try to balance naturally. This involves more muscles so you burn more calories.
  • Running is easily incorporated into a schedule because there is no opening or closing hours .


  • We can not rely on time , so if it’s raining or snowing a broker you can not train .
  • Running in extreme weather conditions , as a day of extreme heat or cold can cause physical exhaustion and decreased level of performance.
  • Uneven ground can cause more shock impact to the ankles and knees of a runner, which increase the likelihood of stress injuries, sprains and strains . However when running on softer surfaces like grass, gravel or sand pressure on the knees and lower leg is greatly reduced.
  • Darkness and traffic can affect personal safety , especially for women.
  • The levels of pollution and foggy days can affect our breathing, especially for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Running indoors or tape tracks

The climate inside is always predictable. This means that the broker / a will be able to spend more time doing your workout and no climate change will do to stop training. In this type of race row / a also find motivation because it can measure how far you’ve run laps knowing the track or you gave. Even on a treadmill can know that distance perfectly.


  • Many gyms have air circulation systems that regulate the proper oxygen and carbon dioxide amounts for optimal training will not have the car fumes.
  • The runway surface is damped so that there is less stress on the knees and ankles.
  • A track is well lit and monitored by staff, it is a more secure environment. As in a gym.
  • The surfaces are regular, there is no risk of tripping because of the terrain.
  • Number of preset workout programs on the tapes that allow the broker / control their intensity, duration, pitch and rhythm.
  • A treadmill can be put in front of the TV and this creates a distraction, allowing the runner to complete their routine without realizing it.
  • Treadmills can be purchased for home use , without going to the gym.


  • Other people are exercising near you , and at peak times this can be very damaging, causing slow performance runner.
  • It is a repetitive routine and this can create boredom, causing the rider wants to go outside.
  • The surface is flat and consistent so that a runner can only increase the intensity of your workout by acceleration and / or train longer.
  • Is the range of motion of the corridor limited to use only the space tape about a meter wide. Which will result in the long term, hip and knee problems.
  • It is a static training in which the runner remains in one place for a long period of time . This can be tedious making the runner loses interest.

Therefore running indoors has its advantages as I do outdoors. On the other hand the disadvantages of both modes are also present and have some weight to opt for one or the other. However we can not pronounce about because each of these forms for jogging are good for each other reasons, so that we spend days outside with other interior, not too bored and learn new methods.