Why choose cloth diapers?

cloth diapers have less impact on the environment

The cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular among moms for many reasons. Ceased to be used when their disposable counterparts emerged in the 1960s, which greatly facilitated the work of mothers seeking to optimize their time.

Today’s disposable diapers are a commercial empire and the first choice of many parents, but nevertheless the fabric are resurfacing.

The low cost

While one package of diapers is inexpensive remarkable in quantity if an important figure sum of money. When the pocket is not loose enough, families opt for cloth diapers because they are cheaper and can be washed and then reused.

cloth diapers have less impact on the environment


It is known that cloth diapers have less impact on the environment. Disposable diapers take around 500 years to decompose and if you take into account how many children there are in the world, the results are overwhelming.

Cloth diapers are often used and also recommend drying it in the sun, so in addition to ensure the absence of germs, is a factor in saving electricity costs.


Many babies, cloth diapers are disposable cause allergies or rashes on their skin. Unlike these, cloth diapers made from natural fibers such as cotton or hemp are healthier for your baby’s bottom than synthetic materials.

They are very pretty

Cloth diapers today are not like they once used, now many brands of diapers produced very beautiful models in various colors and beautiful prints. Even cheaper options come with various designs for moms to find the style that they like.