Why Cleansing Wipes should not be used!

The Cleansing wipes are very practical, but if we put on a balance their advantages and disadvantages, we realize that should not be using them.

Do not function efficiently

First, the Cleansing wipes not always remove the makeup quickly and efficiently. Although the display is dirty after use, this does not mean they have removed all makeup, sebum and dirt. Note that you can not solve this problem using more wipes, because what really be doing is causing more damage the skin friction and adding more ingredients that can dry and irritate the skin.

Why should not use Cleansing Wipes

The Cleansing wipes can dry the skin

No matter if you have dry, combination or oily skin. The Cleansing wipes often contain alcohol and other ingredients that cause dryness, including fragrances and preservatives.

It is strictly forbidden to use if you have sensitive skin or fat. As well as very irritating the skin, the drying effect can also exacerbate sebum production.

They may contain dangerous ingredients

The Cleansing Wipes need moisture after opening the package so they contain preservatives, and these can cause irritation and rashes.

The most dangerous ingredients are Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol which is a liberator of formaldehyde.

For this reason the use of facial cleansing wipes increases the risk of allergies and dermatitis.

Are not suitable for removing makeup around the eyes

The brush is not recommended for this area where the skin is particularly delicate and thin. Using Cleansing wipes to remove eye makeup can lead to more lines and wrinkles.

Prevent others from operating

When the skin is not cleaned properly, any product that is applied after using wipes will not work.

The Cleansing wipes can cause or aggravate acne

Instead of removing bacteria from the face with a good cleansing routine, the Cleansing wipes they do is increase the infection. If you have acne problems, these wipes are very unwise because they can transfer bacteria to other areas of skin.

They can irritate the lips

While facial wipes are not recommended for use on the lips, use them even around the mouth, can cause irritation.

Most people who use them, the face is not rinsed after

If there is no alternative and we must use these Cleansing wipes, you should always rinse your face with water. This can reduce the damage it can cause the use of this product.

Many do not use moisturizers after

Even when these wipes have moisturizing effects say, they are not able to replace a good cream.

They are not biodegradable

Most Cleansing wipes are not biodegradable.