Why different hand and body creams are needed?

The hand creams are designed to give the skin in this area proper care

As we know, they come hand creams and body creams , and is not a marketing strategy to increase sales. Many women think they can use one for both sides of the body, but the reality is that each of these creams have different compositions that are specific to the region where they are applied.

The hand creams are designed to give the skin in this area proper care
The hand creams are designed to give the skin in this area proper care, because it is very susceptible to drying and cracking, especially in winter or when chores are done without gloves.

Most lotions thicker and emollients are the body, but there are body creams that have similar characteristics. In these cases they could be employed interchangeably, but not with the same results.

Anyway, it should be emphasized that there is an exception to the rule that prevents the use of hand creams in the body. Some formulas contain keratolytic agents (which effect a sort of peeling) with ingredients such as lactic acid to exfoliate gently and moisturize rough skin.

Such compounds are suitable for thick, very dehydrated and chapped skin. Skin that does not meet these characteristics severely damaged ends. These creams if they can be used on the elbows, knees and rough soles of the feet, but can be irritating to the rest of the body skin.

An important detail is that both creams, both hands and the body must possess sunscreen to prevent spots and skin care during the day.

In short, hand creams are formulated for this specific area, and in isolated cases can serve for the feet, knees and elbows, but no more than that.

Body creams are always lighter, and thus able to nurture a more delicate dermis than hands and feet, becoming useless to moisturize dry hands.

If it is impossible to have both creams, a good way to economize and yet effective skin care is using coconut oil. This compound is able to retain moisture in any part of the body, and is very cheap.