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Women dresses with fluorescent colors for spring-summer 2012

The fluorescent colors are more vivid and bright and imposed strongly in the season of spring/summer 2012-2013, a trend that certainly is lively and fun but not simple to wear and look stylish and harmony.

In this post you will find the main tips to know how to use the hottest colors without shocking people when they see you.

Women dresses with fluorescent colors for spring-summer 2012

The jacket
This spring you can not miss one denim biker jacket in neon yellow. It’s a super practical garment with which you can also wear a trendy color without being vulgar or shocking.
It combines a feminine floral dress or with jeans and white shirt.

The accessories fluoride is essential, as is the case with this roomy, structured bag brown leather classic with a tribal-inspired neon yellow. It is a bag that while ideal for the summer, you can take it easy in the fall.
It is definitely an investment piece that gives a fresh feel to any effortless look.

The jewelry
If you are new to the use of vibrant colors, it’s best to start out small and in this case the jewelry is an easy way to embrace the trend. This bracelet is great in neon shades ideal for night to day, and serves to lift any outfit of neutrals.
Women dresses with fluorescent colors for spring-summer 2012
The gradient dyed in colors fluoride are also great trend, also allow wear two shades together beautifully. This top with asymmetrical hem is so versatile it can be worn with either white shorts or jeans, and in the evening with a skirt.

A good way to add color to a little black dress as well as a pair of jeans and a top.
Women dresses with fluorescent colors for spring-summer 2012
The lingerie
The lingerie is no longer something that should be completely hidden under clothing, and this fuchsia bra is perfect for a touch of color to a neutral tone garment. Wear it under a black blouse, gray or navy leaving the straps in sight.

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