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Wooden clogs, shoes for women

The wooden clogs are the most stylish in on shoes for the 2012, just as they were in the recently passed 2011.

These shoes have an ancient origin, came into use in the Netherlands in the eighteenth and nineteenth century as a team work, the old clogs were originally made entirely of wood and then the top was replaced by leather to ensure comfort.


From then on its use was overcrowded and with it came to footwear reforms commensurate with the time when they are used. Clogs were booming in the 90’s and now reused but with interesting variations as no shoes are more typical rounded integer and ill at ease, while retaining its rustic appearance that characterizes them, are now the much more feminine, sexy and elegant than those of decades past.


Wooden clogs shoes for women

The wooden clogs are undoubtedly the shoes of the every season as they are not limited to only one season, but they can be used both summer and winter the only thing that varies from them is the color and patterns.

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This shoe can be found in all shoes store and fashionable shops, there is no designer who has not opted for the rustic, modern and townsman of clogs. For this reason you can find plenty of variations, colors and styles and heel types and heights.


Wooden clogs shoes for women

Wooden clogs shoes for women

Wooden clogs shoes for women

Wooden clogs shoes for women

Of colors, prints, combined, leather, fabric, tall, with platform or medium height are some of the variants which were designed wooden clogs this year.

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