Latest 206 Spring/Summer trends for women's clothing at ZARA online. Swimsuits, bikinis, dresses, jeans
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Zara Spring Bloom Collection spring-summer 2016

What do you think if we step into the weekend knowing as a collection of spring? Great, right? Well , let ‘s go! So today we want to talk to Spring Bloom , the new collection of Zara for the warmest time of year.

As its name ( “spring bloom” means “spring bloom”), the collection is starring patterned floral, essential during the spring. In addition, we can find in it other trends this season. Would you like to find out more details? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything we tell you then!

Latest 206 Spring/Summer trends for women's clothing at ZARA online. Swimsuits, bikinis, dresses, jeans

Flowers of all kinds

As I just discussed, the flowers are the real protagonists of this collection. In fact, they are present in each of the items that are part of it. Yes, we can find different shapes, colors and styles. Thus, you will find tropical, oriental, combined with other prints, with black backgrounds with white backgrounds …

The success of Zara's collections lies in their ability to recognise

The trend items of the season

As I have said before, Spring Bloom includes some of the clothes that are fashionable this season as, for example, the bombers stamped, they can not miss in your wardrobe this spring and summer 2016. In addition, no shortage flared pants, dresses long, short monkeys, kimonos, skirts, tunics, long shirts …

interesting details

As you can see yourself having a look at the images that we show in our gallery, the collection is full of interesting details like embroidery, ribbons, lace … Here we leave our gallery where you can see all the images that Zara has prepared to introduce this interesting collection. If you want to discover more information about prices or other details, all you have to do is take a look at the website of the firm.

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